SevadaWhen I was young, my siblings and I used to spend summer holidays in the country at my grandparents’ home.  One day, three artists came to the village to draw a cherry tree garden that grew there.  I remember how excited I was to see those 3 artists in our village working with their oil paints.  I really wanted to see them include my grandfather’s house in one of the paintings.   Unfortunately, none of them did. Being a little boy, I remember it left me feeling really disappointed.  That’s when I first felt the strong desire to one day become an artist and draw my grandfather’s house.

As I grew into that artist I first dreamed of being that day, the themes of faith, family, and nature spoke to me as I could see it reflected in the memories of my youth.  The harmony that is reflected in these themes also calls me to those early memories and reminds me of the innocence of childhood.  This journey of discovery has brought me back into a place where I try to see the world through the innocent eyes of a child.  A child sees a world that is much more colorful and bright.  Life resembles a fairy tale where anything is possible.  It is a world where peace, kindness and love reign.  This is the vision of the world I try to capture in my painting.

In trying to more completely share this vision, several years ago, I moved into working more with acrylics.  The brighter, more vibrant colors of acrylics dry much faster than the oil paints of the past allowing me to further develop the details that are such a vital part of my work. They give a depth that I was not able to achieve before and I think they give a truer sense of the message I want to convey. This is important because shape and color are two crucial components of my art. Since my paintings are mainly figurative and compositional, so the knowledge and usage of these notions in my paintings show my emotions and impressions from nature and the world as a whole. For me, these messages include references to elements of Armenian folklore, my faith, and other impressions of the world around me.  I draw faces of people, the depths of their eyes, and eventually reflect their souls which are of a higher than the world we are currently living in.  As these experiences crystallize inside me, they become their own new, living and breathing form as I pour myself out onto the canvas with every detailed stroke of the brush.

It is my deep belief that art evokes genuine feeling.  It is a gift that artists can change the world and fill it with divine light.  Every person accumulates impressions and feelings as they travel through their lives. Each person expresses their experiences in their own unique way.  Some through dance, music, or poetry.  My language of expression for my inner world and feelings is painting. It’s my blessing given by God.  I believe every person has a mission in this life.  It is my heart’s desire that for some people my paintings might serve as a path of hope and light.   Just like every new day can bring new thoughts and impressions, every work that I create can have something new to say.  I don’t know God’s plan for me or how long he gave me to do what I love; however, I do know that  I will continue to try to share the visions of a more beautiful and innocent world for as long as I can hold a brush in my hand.


Sevada Grigoryan (Arm. Սևադա Գրիգորյան) is an Armenian artist, born in 1959. He graduated from Yerevan State Pedagogical University, majoring in Fine Arts. Sevada is a member of Artists’ Union of Armenia and “UNESCO” International Federation of Artists in France.

Sevada has held exhibitions throughout Japan, China, Russia and the USA, at venues including Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in Kobe, Datian Art Gallery at M50, Shanghai and Central House of Artist in Moscow.

Sevada’s paintings are included in some public collections, most notably Russian Embassy in Armenia, Sandy Education District in Salt Lake City, Municipality of Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic, Armenian Apostolic Church in Pyatigorsk, Russia, Jermuk City Municipality and Armenia’s United Nations Dining Hall.

In 2014 DongDong and LuLu artist residency program invited Sevada to live in Nanjing, China. During his time in China he painted over a dozen paintings and participated in multiple exhibitions in different cities of China: Ningbo, Changsha, Jiashan and Shanghai.  At present Sevada continues to live and create his artworks in Nanjing.



1981 : Lectures and workshops, Riga State Academy of Fine Arts, Riga, Latvia

1975 – 1979 : Higher Education Diploma in Painting, Armenian State Pedagogical University, Yerevan, Armenia



2016 : “25th Anniversary of the Independence of Armenia” organized by

_____ the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in China, Beijing Jintai Art Museum, China

2016 : “To The Light” Fairmont Hotel Gallery, Nanjing, China

2015 “Awakening” dedicated to the centennial of Armenian Great Genocide, Art University of Nanjing, China

2011 “Autumn Feelings”, “Art Bridge”, Yerevan, Armenia

2007 : “10 Years Later in Moscow”, “Way Art” Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2003 : “Old and New Styles”, United Nations Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia

1993 : “Religious and Spiritual Themes”, Pyatigorsk, Russia



2016 : 3rd International Folk Art and Crafts Expo, Xuzhou, China

2016 : “Miles Closer” international group exhibition, Mosaic Art Center, Nanjing, China

2015 : “U Art” Zhongshan 2nd Annual International Art Expo, Zhongshan, China

2014 : “Xiang Li Xiang Wai” international exhibition, Hunan Art Museum of Cangfu, China

2014 : International group exhibition, Jiashan Art Museum, Jiashan, China

2014 “International Representational and Abstract Art”, Fine Arts Academy of Hunan Normal University, Changsha, China

2014 “International Representational and Abstract Art”, 117 Art Center, Ningbo, China

2013 Datian Art Gallery, Shanghai, China

2007 : Khankhalayev Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2005 : Finalist. The 10th Anniversary of Post-Earthquake Restoration,

_____  Hyogo International Competition of Painting, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Kobe, Japan,

2004 Finalist. Group exhibition for the 350th anniversary of New Kent County, VA, USA

2000– 2010 : Annual one-work group exhibition, Artists’ Union of Armenia, Yerevan

1993– 1997 : Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia

1993– 1997 : “Alma Mater” gallery, Moscow, Russia

1987– 1992 Annual one-work group exhibition, Artists’ Union of Armenia, Yerevan



2016 July – Aug: “DongDong & LuLu” Artist Residency, Ordos, China

2014 Mar – Sept : “DongDong & LuLu” Artist Residency, Nanjing, China



2008– 2009 : Member of Arart Platform promotional agency, Yerevan, Armenia

2003 – 2005 : Member of “Noreon” Creative Agency

1995 – present Member of “UNESCO” International Federation of Artists, France

1992 – present : Member of Artists’ Union, Yerevan, Armenia

1981 – 1989 : Teacher of painting at Art School of  Jermuk, Armenia

1979 – 1989 Drawing teacher at Secondary School No. 1, Jermuk, Armenia



● Municipality of Ordos, China ● Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in China ● Nanjing Massacre Museum

● Russian Embassy in Armenia ● Sandy Education District, Salt lake City, USA

● Municipality of Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic ● Jermuk City Municipality, Armenia

● Armenian Apostolic Church in Pyatigorsk, Russia ● Armenian United Nations Dining Hall